Time and the Weather

the weather is routinely
no reliable reports

set up the microphone
time enough to prepare

wireless reports
the bay the sunset
the gale wind chimes
watching makes time

enough to prepare
to set the levels

deep height of day
reports wireless booster
trees ticking web
signal transmission

long distance thunder
supercell updraft

trees ticking web
microphone knitting
talking ticking

scattering of light
the bay makes weather

test the limits
scattering of light
antenna system
two hours of night

the bay makes weather
the bright blinding light

reports wireless booster
on the cumulus bay
to make more time
time enough to prepare

calm wind of day
hailstones prepare

away from the land
and away from the land
the trees move enough
watching makes time

wireless reports

supercell updraft
on the cumulus bay
two hours to sunset
cable delivery

time and the weather
storm clouds blow in

band unpredictable
two hours to sunset
some incoherent
deep height of day

blizzard against window
antenna system

weather routine
trees move enough
longer transmission
accumulate report

hailstones prepare
signal transmission

portable trees
accumulating nimbus
watching makes time

watch the trees move
watch enough time

test the limits
west, north, south, east
move across microphone

thunder wave band
dusk came quickly

calm wind of day
rough wind of storm
two hours to sunset
thunder spins level

and spirals around
away from the land

Without Moment

moving across the bay
song of cicada crackle
hissing from trees
electric night
moving in from the bay

anticyclonic rain
in hanging dark cloud static
through misty haze
into the light
in the darkness of day

and now
without moment the storm
that blows in tonight
is riding the crest of the bay

and then
without movement in the
cold morning light
was rounding the west of this day

dragonflies, ants, and moths
locusts, termites, and beetles
firefly night
deep in the light
warm afternoon autumn

silver light water steel
grab and hold swell kite ripples
morning glows red
frost, snow, and drought
moving across the bay

and soon
short and long waves will cross
the beach some night
riding the north of a day

and when the
long dusk short twilight
in warm evening sun
the white full moon will rise again

Small Sounds

printed on the wind
the material of space
atmosphere of the planet
wave and radiation

a built-in speaker’s tinny sound
struggles to be heard
and speaks of distance

category one
network cryptoworms
double pulsar tool
killed the operation

surfing the short wave now
straight line of sight for
distance communication

reflected and refracted
across the ionosphere
skywave propagation
stratas of air and gas

beyond the shores
of this bastard island

small sounds

Pattern Accumulating

percentage clear clouds


sea level pressure
17,850 kHz, June 25 10:48UTC
the signal is weak

UTC 20:52
clouds percent broken clear
few overcast scattered
Russian channel marker
level pressure snowfall

diurnal temperature range
20:33 UTC

The Voice of Vietnam in Russian
announcing number & letter groups
snow depth
Mean Wind Vector Magnitude wind chill

dewpoint temperature

quarter diurnal reading
April 22
military parade style music

11,735 kHz
USB E07 “The Englishman” Russian numbers station
a lot of fading and noise

December 11
UTC 20:52
heat index
Voice of Indonesia with Arabic language speech and music
few overcast scattered
The Voice of Mongolia

Radio Thailand, a regular visitor
daily minimum temperature
North Korean Broadcasting Service
Korean weather broadcast

Asian drift net fishing beacon, on five minute cycle
cooling, clouds, snowfall
jamming signal in background
15,435 signal had men talking, like a news or interview
UTC 1643

Fair to good signal with low modulation and some noise/fading
11:48 UTE 1.762MHz CW “2AFVW 2AFVW 2AFVW”

heating degree days
Radio Vanuatu
China with male & female chatting in Chinese, sounds informal.
Christian music national anthem


waiting for the brownout
the lapse occurred at breakfast
the dropped cup overturned
on the table again
absent seconds began
and ended suddenly

then time came together again

flat screen
tracing a line on a page
super eight and video tape
kept us young

waiting for the brownout
after the crash 1979
going nowhere fast
speed flattening everything
we were man and woman
one hundred brownouts daily

but time came together again

flat screen
tracing a line on a page
super eight and video tape
kept us young

waiting for the brownout
we were woman and man
we were both and neither
nothing seemed to exist
or couldn’t be described
or communicated

when time came together again

flat screen
tracing a line on a page
super eight and video tape
kept us young

In Dixon

straight streets colony
neatly gridded plot
boarded up windows
abandoned infill housing
pothole cracked pavements
canal floating garbage
topsoil runoff arid
alleyway laneway
beach abandoned cycles
distant ticking high-hat
nineties Berlin techno
warm diurnal breeze

brown-out days
black-out nights

esplanade speeding traffic
plantation reclamation
scrubby undergrowth
landscaped foreshore bush
strange lizard mutant rodent
triangulation midden
lone cyclist dog walker
horizon swelling waves
wind blown beach bushes
single lone windsurfer
eighteen hours of daylight

brown-out days
black-out nights

unexpected dusk
ship on the horizon
city tower skyline
distant highway bridge
dockyard static cranes
breakwater black rocks
cold dark twilight seconds
midnight deep black hour
shuttered supermarket
little stock remains
unharvested crops

brown-out days
black-out nights

nostalgia out of place
location out of time

Mainland Distance

mainland ferry
twice a week
roll through township
witness behavior
conversation social order
face to face situations
test the limits
no offence taken
stave off boredom
performance etiquette

self presentation
self to the other
self to the self
conscious experience
phenomenal self model
someone socially
an ideal real

everything green
super gassed
trapfit math get bun
soul food step flex
restaurants cinemas
theatres living rooms
shopping centres
streets and stations
bored young bored old
heat and cold

hotbox takeaway
Protein Bar
food prescription
sterilised tinned food
hygienic and tasteless
parasitic worms
scurvy ticks lice
deserted township
after sunset
consensual curfew 

back to the island
back on the island
sound of the blizzard
from the west
distant neighbours
from a distance
keep the distance
of reality
keeps a body going
in relation to this wind
in relation to the sun
the days which lasts for weeks
the week that lasts a minute
this invented person
this one that you constructed
right here on this island
step off from the island
if this is an island
if there is free movement
to another island
another bastard island

can’t take your eyes off
what you can’t understand
words out of context
hang in mid-air
random connections
defy explanation
this story, for example
that I’m about to tell
that I’m going to try to tell
to tell you…