Without Moment

moving across the bay
song of cicada crackle
hissing from trees
electric night
moving in from the bay

anticyclonic rain
in hanging dark cloud static
through misty haze
into the light
in the darkness of day

and now
without moment the storm
that blows in tonight
is riding the crest of the bay

and then
without movement in the
cold morning light
was rounding the west of this day

dragonflies, ants, and moths
locusts, termites, and beetles
firefly night
deep in the light
warm afternoon autumn

silver light water steel
grab and hold swell kite ripples
morning glows red
frost, snow, and drought
moving across the bay

and soon
short and long waves will cross
the beach some night
riding the north of a day

and when the
long dusk short twilight
in warm evening sun
the white full moon will rise again