Sickness Country

scramble up from the track
in the breath of the heat on the wind
past the smoke of the fire
scrubby grass and the river is dry
butterflies, blackened tree
plateau, savannah, falls, and floodplain
pandanus spiralis
stones underfoot, the walk to the ridge

and there Myormu
waiting for me
sickness country
and in rock escarpment
in the deep past

and the camera phone
brow trickles waterfall sweat to the ground
from the mountain below
Google Earth, or a video drone
as the ground is above
captures fatal painting photograph
the rainbow came through
tail lights and explosions below

and this sickness country
all that you can see
is what you’re told
you can see [to see]
peripheral night
Soon after twilight
flashes of light

when the sickness takes hold
nausea, vomiting, appetite loss
dehydration, confusion
cells degraded by autophagy
bone marrow syndrome
cutaneous blisters ulcers
sweat glands atrophy
DNA clustered damage takes hold