Mainland Distance

mainland ferry
twice a week
roll through township
witness behavior
conversation social order
face to face situations
test the limits
no offence taken
stave off boredom
performance etiquette

self presentation
self to the other
self to the self
conscious experience
phenomenal self model
someone socially
an ideal real

everything green
super gassed
trapfit math get bun
soul food step flex
restaurants cinemas
theatres living rooms
shopping centres
streets and stations
bored young bored old
heat and cold

hotbox takeaway
Protein Bar
food prescription
sterilised tinned food
hygienic and tasteless
parasitic worms
scurvy ticks lice
deserted township
after sunset
consensual curfew 

back to the island
back on the island
sound of the blizzard
from the west
distant neighbours
from a distance
keep the distance
of reality
keeps a body going
in relation to this wind
in relation to the sun
the days which lasts for weeks
the week that lasts a minute
this invented person
this one that you constructed
right here on this island
step off from the island
if this is an island
if there is free movement
to another island
another bastard island

can’t take your eyes off
what you can’t understand
words out of context
hang in mid-air
random connections
defy explanation
this story, for example
that I’m about to tell
that I’m going to try to tell
to tell you…