Abstract Vectoral Landscape

in the landscape
dry and dusty
something stirring
after the fire

mushroom weather passing through
elusive enigmatic
neither plant or animal
the mushroom makes the forest
the symbiopoietic
self-organising system
through mycorrhizal networks
the mushroom makes the forest

stripped back down to its binary code
in assemblages of objects
termites larvae and crow tree sand
the snouts the limbs the branches brush the sky

insect eye fruit
pushing from soil
berry lush trees
fertile and loam

the fauna in the flora
simultaneous assemblage
a pineapple animal
with cauliflower foliage
on the broccoli mountain
the pandanus umbrella
the fauna in the flora
shadows cast dry river bed

the glacial sky and tree mountain
with fruiting bark, eyes in the sand
trees with face and feathered branch
the green fruit red blue rainbow riding through