The Sixth

From Wordsworth on a Kindle turned his eyes towards the sea, seated in a rocky cave, kindlings like the morning.

High privilege of lasting life, exempt from all injury.

Living presence still persists, stamp wind’s image, send abroad.

Existential risks like those threaten this humanity.

The axiological argument is familiar, misanthropic argument, obviously never been.

Is it wrong to reproduce, procreation, future child?

Most humans produce children on mere impulse, reproduce.

Reasonable estimates tending to be subjective.

Dinosaurs and dark matter, invisible gravity; colliding tectonic plates, molten magma near the core; galactic coma clusters; luminous objects elsewhere.

Lensing measurements are used, lines of sight to galaxies.

Asteroids and volcanoes, gamma-ray bursts, and earthquakes.

Human intervention in ecology.

Magnitude of loss expected in catastrophe.

Such modelling assessing serious risk, then permanent stagnation, realisation, ruin.

Future technological breakthroughs in biotechnology, self-modifying the post Homo sapiens human qualities: whole brain emulations, super artificial intelligence…

Earth originated life’s sentience is a billion years.