(Petrie Hosken, LBC Radio, tx 21 October 2013)


I was telling your lady
on the phone
I’ve made arrangements for myself
I’m nearly eighty

and I know about this all this
kind of thing
because I read about it
in a newspaper
called UK Column

and there’s nothing but
corruption and Stalinism
in this country

so I’m very lucky really
I’m a diabetic
and I’ve got lots of insulin
in the house
so when the time comes
I shall use it
[oh no]

oh yes
and before I do it
I shall write a letter
to the local council
and the local paper
and accuse them of murder

I shall do that
because it’s all I can do
to save my children
from going on the street
and I don’t want that to happen
at all

and there won’t be just me
there’ll be many many more
people like me
who are doing it

not yet
there’s no reason for it yet
but if anything happened
and I realised the time was up
that’s what I would do